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Volunteer Program at ICML 2010

Are you a student wishing you could attend ICML 2010 but cannot afford to pay the conference fees? Are you also a researcher in field of machine learning? Well, you have a chance to attend the conference without paying the fees. By volunteering you will have you registration fees waived. Read on to know all about how you could become a volunteer.

Eligibility Criteria

Any undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate student having research experience in machine learning is eligible to apply. Download and fill the application form ( and send it to latest by May 25, 2010.

Whether you are selected or not, you will be notified either way by June 1, 2010.

You need to note that preference will be given to authors of accepted (or even submitted) papers and local scholars.


Accepted volunteers will be automatically registered for the ICML 2010 conference using information provided in the application. If you also wish to attend Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), you should register for it separately through the standard registration procedure.

If you have not been accepted, you can register yourself online as a regular delegate. If you intend to do that, remember to avail early registration rates till June 4, 2010.

Duties of a Student Volunteer

You will need to commit 8-12 hours per day from June 21 – 24. You may have to assemble registration packets; check in the attendees; assist with workshops, technical sessions, or poster sessions. You might need to accompany buses on their trips to Jerusalem or shuttle service from hotel to conference venue.

Your duty list will be provided to you individually when you report there.

What is Not Covered

Volunteership covers only the conference fees. You will have to manage your traveling and boarding expenses yourself. So it is advisable to calculate these expenses before you apply.